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What we offer


Our Team have been in Management Information Technology Services for over a decay and we proudly hold the highest level of technical certifications across multiple vendors and platforms.


  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Content Security
  • Perimeter Security
  • Identity Management
  • Information Exchange and Access
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Patch Management
  • RDBMS Services
  • Secure Connectivity
  • Segmentation
  • Virtualization and Automation
  • Web Services

A few words about us

Our lives daily revolve around technologies and social media which makes our communities safer, happier by having a better experience and an easier way to approach our daily goals. There are already millions of devices that need to be managed, this creates an industry challenge to keep those devices running so those daily goals and experiences don't fade away and make sure that they continue to contribute to our daily success, in whatever we do.

All those devices and the accumulated data create interference for the IT industry and our daily workflow process, which in turn contributes to uncertainty, accidental errors and failure in our decision-making process. What our communities and businesses need is a Partner in Knowledge.

IT SOLUTIONS USA can be your Partner in Knowledge because we are a trusted operated Information Technology Consultants proudly hold the highest level of technical certifications across multiple vendors and platforms that thrives to provide expert IT Services to our Communities and Businesses.

Our focus is on providing comprehensive technology solutions to enterprise, mid-size and small businesses across a wide spectrum of industries and platforms.

Our team members are comprised of Cisco and Juniper Certified Internetwork Experts, passionate enough to receive Community Embarrassments and Champion Technical Awards that highly influence all technical experts who generously enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, and thoughts across the social web with our Communities and Businesses.

The Cisco & Juniper Champion award that our engineers received reflects our daily passion and contribution for what we do in a diverse set of areas such as Data Center, Internet of Things, Enterprise Networks, Collaboration, and Security.

We are eager to partner with your organization to fortify your network infrastructure, eliminate vulnerabilities and prevent security threats.

IT SOLUTIONS USA expanded strategic relationships with technology partners at the forefront of our Technological era, to further provide cutting edge and best of breed security solutions.

IT Solutions USA, Corp. info@it-solutionsusa.com


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