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Reasons to Get a Penetration Test

Provides a Good Starting Point. Many organizations underestimate how wide open their security exposure is and overestimate the capacity and resources their internal IT staff can utilize to address it. A penetration test provides a good first step to understanding current security posture specifically because it identifies gaps in security and outlines where to apply security technologies and services so that the organization can develop an action plan to minimize the threat of attack or misuse.

Creates a Compelling Event. How can network administrators and security managers justify a needed increase in the security budget or make the security message heard at the executive level? Well-document results from a penetration test that expose the susceptibility of customer data, human resources records or even executive e-mail accounts create compelling events that any executive concerned with company finances, liability or reputation needs to know.

Performs Due Diligence and Independent Audits. Security posture needs to be examined on a regular basis to account for the evolution of new Internet threats. An unbiased security analysis and penetration test can focus internal security resources where they are needed most. In addition, an independent security audit provides evidence of due diligence in a legal context for protecting online assets, limiting C-level liability and/or minimizing potential loss of shareholder value. These independent audits are rapidly becoming a requirement for obtaining cyber-security insurance.

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