There are already millions of devices that need to be managed, this creates an industry challenge to keep those devices running so those daily goals and experiences don't fade away, and make sure that they continue to contribute to our daily success, in whatever we do.

It's about our communities, it's about feeling good and connecting with each other and have personalized experiences that we can share with friends and family.

Unfortunately, all those devices and the accumulated data create interference that reflect in our daily workflow processes, and can contribute to uncertainty, accidental errors and failure in our decision-making process.

What our communities and businesses need are partners in knowledge that can support our communities by creating digital experiences. A partner in knowledge can analyze data and provide the right solutions to the right people, also understand and respond to individual needs and maintain community member relationship by engaging our citizens to custom centric digital experiences.

Governments and public services are evolving by finding ways to create openness and participation and offer better quality services to our communities and business which have high expectations.

Digital governance and community interactions should take place via marketing, research, communications and data analysis.

Data is not information, and information is not knowledge. Data is a recording of structure, or unstructured transactions that took place in a given time.

Information results from the processing, analysis of data and has meaning and shape which in turn results in knowledge.